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In today’s digital world, an online presence is critical for any business that wants to succeed and attract the attention of its audience. The main stage of this process is the creation of a website. However, if your previous development experience has left much to be desired in terms of preparing for effective promotion, or if you are not sure where to turn for help with technical issues that may arise along the way, then a turnkey website development may be the perfect solution.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the topic of website development and promotion, find out what exactly this term means, and find out for which types of business this approach can be most effective. We will reveal the main advantages and aspects to consider when choosing a contractor for your project, and discuss how to properly integrate your new website into your overall business development strategy.


A turnkey website is a full range of services that covers all stages of website development, from concept development to the launch of a ready-made resource on the Internet and its further support (if specified in the terms of service). This approach implies that the customer receives a fully functional and ready-to-use website that meets all their requirements and needs.

Website development is a comprehensive service that helps you easily participate in the process of creating a web resource, from the initial idea to its launch. You, as a client, share your ideas, wishes and vision of the site, and a team of professionals takes responsibility for the implementation of these ideas.

At the first stage, we conduct market research, which is the basis for the request and strategy of website development. This allows us to ensure that your website meets your goals and the needs of your audience.

Next, our specialists develop a website prototype and design that reflects your ideas and takes into account the latest web design trends. After your approval, the team starts creating the website, programming and configuring it.

At this stage, the team’s cooperation with an SEO specialist plays an important role, who conducts a technical review of the website to integrate all the necessary usability aspects that simplify the possibility of further promotion. It is important to note that this stage involves only preparation for promotion, while website promotion itself is an additional service and is approved as an additional condition. At the client’s request, it can be included in further cooperation.

At the final stage of preparation, when the site is fully configured, the contextual advertising specialist checks the site to make sure that it meets all Google’s requirements and is ready to launch advertising campaigns. This means checking for elements such as contact information, integration with an analytics system to track performance, available payment methods and delivery options, clearly defined goals for future advertising campaigns, and special landing pages created and optimised for advertising. If the audit reveals that some of these elements are missing or do not meet the requirements, the specialist will make detailed recommendations for their completion and implementation to ensure the successful launch of advertising campaigns in the future.

Thus, the turnkey website service allows you to get a fully functional and optimised website without going through the complexities of developing it yourself.

Choosing the type of website for your business

The type of website you choose depends on the specifics of your business and its goals. Examples of website types for different types of business:


  • Sales: For a business focused on selling goods, creating an online store or online storefront is ideal. These types of sites allow you to present your product range to a wide audience and provide a convenient buying process.
  • Services: If your business specialises in providing services, a service website is the best solution. It will help you effectively and clearly communicate to potential customers information about the range of services, their features, and terms of service.
  • News: For businesses that focus on information activities, formats such as news publications, portals, blogs, or forums are suitable. They are aimed at regularly updating content and engaging the audience with relevant information.
  • Company: A business card website, corporate website, or promotional website is suitable for representing a company on the Internet. They will help to convey information about your company, its services, and contacts to potential customers.
  • Product: If you are focusing on one specific product or service, a landing page or promo site will be ideal for attracting attention and driving sales.
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In terms of SEO, website development is suitable for all types of businesses. However, full-fledged and long-term promotion is provided by service sites, online stores, and news sites, as they have a greater potential for attracting and retaining an audience. Other types of websites, such as business cards, corporate websites, and promotional websites, are often promoted through external SEO promotion, contextual advertising, and social media advertising.

Why a turnkey website is more profitable

Choosing a website development method is an important step for any business. There are various options for creating a website, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Creating a website on your own using a website builder is one of the most popular choices due to its affordability and ease of use. However, the client is responsible for the success of such a resource by setting up its operation. Builders have limited capabilities, and to fully manage the site, you need to constantly update your subscription. Moreover, if you do not know the features of the chosen builder, you will have to pay for the work of specialists from technical issues to advertising and promotion.

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Another option is to work with freelance contractors, which can be a less expensive solution. However, by choosing this route, you run the risk of delivering results that do not meet expectations, which is especially critical for medium or large businesses where reputation is at stake. Often, other contractors are involved to perform additional tasks, who may not be fully aware of the specifics of your business.

It is important to emphasise that freelance contractors usually do not make technical corrections to the work performed by their predecessors and are only responsible for completing specific tasks assigned to them, without providing support services after the project is completed.

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A turnkey website from a professional company seems to be the most profitable solution. You get a team of specialists whose work has already been established. Each specialist studies your business to determine the purpose of creating a website and develop the most effective strategy. You will be informed about every stage of the work and will have the opportunity to communicate with each specialist who is responsible for a particular aspect of the development.

Comprehensive turnkey website services are usually much cheaper than a separately recruited team of specialists.

As a result, you get a full-fledged web resource that will be technically optimised and prepared for further promotion and advertising campaigns. However, it is worth noting that the processes of SEO optimisation and advertising activities are not included in the standard package and require separate discussion and agreements with the development company.

Turnkey website from the Internet marketing company SEO Smart

A turnkey website by SEO Smart is a comprehensive solution for those who want to order the creation of a website that will not only attract the attention of the audience but also effectively solve their business problems. The development of the website concept begins with a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and the market situation, which allows us to create a unique and interesting website.

The process of creating a custom website in SEO Smart goes through several key stages:

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  • Negotiations with the client: At this stage, the main goals and objectives of the project are defined, and the customer’s requirements and wishes are discussed.
  • Drawing up a contract: A website development contract is concluded, which specifies all the details of cooperation, including terms, cost, and stages of work.
  • Adding a client to the CRM system: For convenient tracking of the progress of work and interaction with the client, a CRM system is used, which displays the detailed progress of tasks in each area.
  • Purchase of a domain and hosting: Selecting and registering a domain name for your website, as well as choosing a reliable hosting provider to host your web resource.
  • Creating a website structure: We develop a logical and convenient website structure that takes into account the needs of the target audience.
  • Design and layout: We develop a unique design that meets the latest trends in web design and make the website layout.
  • Integration with CMS (if necessary): The website is integrated with a content management system (CMS), which ensures the convenience of managing the resource for the client.
  • Development of additional solutions: We develop additional solutions to meet the needs of users and improve the functionality of the website.
  • SEO preparation: We perform a technical check for usability for possible website promotion.
  • Reporting on each stage: The client receives reports on the work done at each stage of website development.
  • Transfer of the resource to the client: The finished website is handed over to the client, with all the necessary documentation and instructions provided.
    Maintenance and support: In case of long-term cooperation, the client receives technical support and the possibility of developing the website in the future.
    Affiliate programme: Customers who wish to cooperate on an ongoing basis can get favourable conditions as part of an affiliate programme.

A turnkey website from SEO Smart is a guarantee of quality, efficiency, and an individual approach to each project. When you turn to professionals, you get not just a website, but a powerful tool for growing your business online.

A turnkey website proves to be the best solution for a wide range of businesses, from startups to large corporations. This solution allows companies to quickly launch their online presence without the need to invest heavily in their own IT department or hire separate specialists for each stage of development. A turnkey website provides a comprehensive approach that includes all the necessary stages of website development – from concept development to launch. This solution helps companies focus on their core business, leaving the technical aspects to professionals.

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