What is website maintenance?

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Today, almost every commercial company or organization has its own website on the Internet. For the dynamic development of the information carrier, high-quality website development alone is not enough, as each project requires constant information and technical support. Comprehensive support is the process that no website can do without. Periodic content updates, ensuring functional operation, and constant correction allow you to create websites that are more interesting and competitive.


Initially, support for a network project will allow the owner to navigate their actions and understand what should be done to improve their position.

Accordingly, in order to have useful information about traffic, to know the number of visits and which pages are of high interest to users, optimizers recommend installing special services called “statistics counters”. The most popular are Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics. These services are able to provide a lot of important information about the targeted traffic, such as age, category, queries, and time spent on the site. And according to this analytical data, the site owner has reliable information and can respond in a timely manner in the event of a sharp drop in traffic. After all, it is thanks to this constructive information that it is possible to find out which pages require urgent improvement for the better.

Support and maintenance of the site consists of constant work on page optimization. After all, working with a website can be superficially compared to endless repairs, and an information resource needs constant correction, improvement of the structure, and updating of the information field. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and today, given the high level of competition, it is not enough to have several high-quality and unique articles that are tailored to a specific group of key queries. When updating content, don’t forget to change keyword phrases. This is the basic rule of success and popularity.


Technical support involves improving usability, ensuring high page loading speeds, and working on displaying in different browsers. Of course, if you control the level of attendance through specialized services and work on updating the content, even a beginner can manage on his own. Unlike technical support, which requires a qualified approach. This is very important because, for example, if a website loses traffic due to hosting problems, which means that sales have decreased, this lost profit is sometimes much higher than the price of technical support services from specialists. Therefore, you should not rely on your own strength, but rather entrust the main work to experienced webmasters.

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