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We are working for a global RESULT
of SEO promotion!
by increasing SALES
from your websites and online stores!

Full internal
The more the site is optimized,
the less money will be spent on external factors!
The site starts with SEO strategy!
Tons of products
you can`t sell?
We have an individual approach
to each online store in order
to increase your sales on the Internet.
Creating Websites
Ready for SEO
We create optimized sites «out of the box».
SEO-oriented with high usability.
Full reporting in SEO!
You will be able to access all the tools
for analyzing the site online:
Positions, traffic, growth dynamics, etc.
Great Portfolio
You can Evaluate our work,
the success of online stores and sites,
of our customers and partners!
Site Optimization
We make our sites according to Google's requirements,
including optimizing for tablets and smartphones!

Our Customers



Promotion of sites in Kiev allows promoting the client’s business online by improving its position in the search engines Yandex and Google. Our specialists have been using the proven algorithm of operations for many years to increase the popularity of the pages and the profitability of the customer’s company.

Professional promotion of websites is carried out at a high level. Customers appreciate the full transparency of executors’ actions, which regularly report on the work which is done and the results which are achieved.

After applying to our company, the value and success of the Internet resource are growing. There is an increase in target audience`s traffic and the number of purchases.


Proper search engine promotion of the site is required by the owners of

  • Young companies with a small assortment of goods.
  • Internet shops that sell products for a narrow category of consumers.
  • Information and reference resources of any orientation.
  • Sites with a small number of pages with a narrow theme.


Ordering professional website promotion in search engines, customers can count on the following services:
Optimization, including the preparation of the semantic core, the introduction of Pay per click advertising, purchase of links, the preparation of analytical reporting on the counters of Yandex and Google, the filling of landing pages with a unique and useful material.

Site audit. Restoring of usability, eliminating of technical mistakes, analyzing competitors and links environment, searching for negative feedback about products, creating positive impressions about the promoted product, posting articles and news.

Preparation of the targeted strategy of promotion, taking into account the specifics of products, current user requests, the activities of competing organizations. Perform actions to improve the quality of incoming traffic and conversion landing pages.


Our company offers a white promotion with stable results. We optimize in a short time, allowing the customer to estimate the growth in sales within a few weeks after the start of the promotion.

We have an open approach to cooperation. The consultants give detailed answers to all the questions. The company has good prices.