SEO Promotion

Performing comprehensive optimization in all areas of your website. Whether you are selling goods or services online, attracting new customers, looking for customers or partners

Website development

Development of SEO-oriented websites and online stores with modern design and usability. We create websites that sell.

Contextual advertising

We will customize advertising campaigns for your target audience. Your ads will be shown at the moments when potential customers are most motivated to buy or use your offer

Social networks

Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of attracting traffic or attention to a brand or product through social platforms.

We will help you solve the following tasks

Website usability

Content marketing

Digital strategy

Video advertising

Analytics and consulting


Non-standard tasks

Website usability

Digital strategy

Content marketing

Video advertising

Analytics and consulting


Our Clients

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Questions and answers

As SEO Smart, we pride ourselves on being a full-service company. This means that we offer our clients integrated solutions that cover aspects of digital marketing and IT infrastructure. From the initial analysis and strategic planning to the development, launch and support of your projects, we are here to provide you with a full range of services.

We carry out website development, search engine optimization (SEO), contextual advertising management, as well as development and support of complex IT systems and analytical tools. Our unique understanding of the digital space allows us to offer consistent and integrated solutions that meet the unique needs of each client from A to Z. At SEO Smart, we do everything we can to ensure that every aspect of your online project receives the attention, success, and efficiency it needs.

SEO Smart confidently cooperates with various business sectors. Our work covers a wide range of specializations – from fashion and accessories to household appliances, dentistry, and digital technologies. We also actively cooperate with tourism and leisure, real estate, IT, and construction businesses, offering solutions that not only meet their needs but also reflect the uniqueness of each business.

In our work, we focus on understanding the specifics of each industry, developing comprehensive strategies that take into account the individual goals and challenges of our clients. This allows us to provide services that not only increase the visibility of a business on the Internet, but also contribute to its growth and development. Thanks to the flexibility of our methods and deep understanding of digital marketing, SEO Smart is a reliable partner for businesses in various industries, striving to achieve the best results in every project.

The stage of building work at SEO Smart takes place in several key phases that ensure effective cooperation:

  1. Consultation: First, there is a meeting and consultation to discuss the main goals and expectations. This makes it possible to understand the unique needs of the business and identify the main areas of work.
  2. Analysis and strategic planning: Based on the information received after the organizational aspects, the SEO Smart team conducts a detailed analysis to identify key aspects of the business. At this stage, a comprehensive strategy is developed, depending on the tasks you set.
  3. Development and execution: Once the strategy is approved, the team starts implementing it. This may include different types of work that are important for a successful outcome

  4. Monitoring and reporting:

    SEO Smart provides constant monitoring of results and makes adjustments to the strategy if necessary
  5. Evaluation and optimization: The final stage involves analyzing the results and evaluating the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. This allows us to make the necessary improvements and optimizations for further work.

Thus, the process of building work with a client at SEO Smart is characterized by an individual approach, flexibility, and focus on achieving specific results.

By choosing the services of SEO Smart, you get a reliable partner in the field of digital marketing and IT solutions. Working with us provides a comprehensive approach to your digital needs, from SEO optimization to website development. Our team of experienced professionals works to provide customized, innovative and effective solutions focused on the growth and success of your business. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to rapidly changing trends in the digital world, ensuring transparency and consistency in achieving our goals. With SEO Smart, your business will get the support it needs to effectively promote itself in the online space.

Why we achieve the promised results

For 13 years in marketing and IT

  • We have been working since 2008
  • We have implemented more than 500 successful projects
  • We promote companies in various business areas

Experience and technology

  • We work with large and medium-sized businesses
  • Own developments and solutions
  • We use effective global technologies
  • professional team

Our specialists are experts in their field

  • Developed professional development programs
  • We participate in specialized conferences
  • Developing a training program for our employees


Our goal in working with a project is to achieve a specific result, so most of our clients choose long-term cooperation with our company in the field of SEO.
With more than 15 years of experience in online marketing in various niches, SEO Smart chooses the most effective SEO promotion strategy to achieve our clients’ goals. SEO Smart is an agency that has established itself as one of the leading SEO and PPC agencies. Thanks to well-developed processes and modern management tools, you can keep up with the development of your project and make the necessary adjustments.
The projects are handled by a team of expert specialists. We have formulated clear processes with proven algorithms for website promotion, which ensures optimal results. With SEO Smart, you get not only effective marketing tools and analytics, but also a guarantee of achieving the desired results.


Developing websites, including online stores, requires a careful approach and professional skills to ensure not only an attractive design but also effective functionality. A successful website should meet the needs of the business and the expectations of its target audience, be user-friendly and search engine optimized. This is made possible by the consistent implementation of key development stages: from the idea and definition of the project goal to content filling, testing, and delivery of the finished product.

Contacting SEO Smart will help you develop a high-quality website. We set up the process from idea to implementation – all stages of development, design and launch of the website. Your final product will fully meet both business goals and user needs.


Correctly setting up contextual advertising solves the problems that any business faces in one way or another: achieving maximum matching between ads and the needs of potential customers. When ads are relevant to the interests and needs of the target audience, they drive higher engagement and conversion rates, which is crucial for the ROI of advertising investments. This is achieved through in-depth market analysis, careful selection of keywords, and the creation of interesting and relevant content.

At the same time, developing and executing an effective contextual advertising strategy requires considerable knowledge and experience in digital marketing. Turning to a full-service company – SEO Smart provides an opportunity to carefully prepare your advertising campaign, taking into account the specifics of the business and its target audience, thereby ensuring the result of advertising investments.


IT outsourcing and technical support for online business offered by our agency are extremely important for the development of your project in the modern digital world. We provide comprehensive assistance in various aspects of IT infrastructure, from website maintenance to CRM system integration and management.

Whether you need help with specific types of work or a comprehensive approach to all of your business’s IT needs, our team is ready to provide professional support tailored to your company’s unique requirements and goals.

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