Website development: working with a landing page

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Before you start search engine optimization, you need to select a specific group of keywords for each landing page. By convention, search engines assigned the definition of “relevance” to these pages. In other words, the relevant page is the most suitable for answering user questions that are requested through search results.

Each search engine automatically determines the relevance of a landing page, so in order not to make a mistake in the calculations, a novice optimizer must first plan everything correctly and carry out a number of specific works that will help to determine this indicator as accurately as possible. This will determine the size of the target audience in the future.


  • the ratio of content to the relevant query;
  • thematic correlation of texts and links (external and internal);
  • the value of a page is determined by the coefficient of the thematic index, so it is necessary to place information keys within the content in a balanced manner and according to the content, so that they fit into a single text;
  • the ratio of the address of the optimized page to the content;
  • date of publication of the information material.

Given that relevance determination is automatic, the site owner can help search engines select a specific relevant document despite their limited capabilities. To emphasize a particular page, you should follow the following recommendations:

  1. It is advisable to use the information key in the page address, in links, in headings, in graphic elements, in content. If there are ad units on the pages, you need to insert the main keyword query.
  2. Duplicate headings, texts, and links should be eliminated, as this makes the task much more difficult.
  3. Competent organization of internal linking.

The basic rules for replacing a relevant document are to redirect old links to a new landing page. In addition, it is recommended to exclude the direct occurrence of keywords on the old page, and change the title. Additionally, to speed up the process of replacing pages, you can redirect them with a 301 redirect. It will allow you to merge the old and new landing page addresses.

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